General Terms and Conditions

General Conditions of Contract

These general terms and conditions govern the contracting of services with García Fernández Turismo (hereinafter, GFT).

Acceptance of these general terms, the conditions of each tour and of the transport and/or service company will take place upon the total or partial payment of the reservation of any of the trips, and will be considered automatically included in the contract, although they may not be expressly stated in the contract.


  1. a) The estimated price at the time when services are requested is subject to modifications without notice, as a result of possible changes in the services and/or costs and/or the exchange rate.
  2. b) All amounts paid prior to final confirmation of the services will be considered as a reservation and in no case will they mean the final confirmation of prices or services requested. Final confirmation of prices and services will take place upon issuance of vouchers and invoices.
  3. c) The final price established according to the above can only be readjusted due to governmental decisions that may have an impact on such price.
  4. d) Special/charter flights and non-regular flights: at the time of purchase, passengers must pay the full amount for the transport service and the corresponding advance payment for ground services.
  5. e) Reservations are not transferable.
  6. f) Services such as cruises, spa centers, ski, resorts, rail trips and others with special hiring conditions will be charged to passengers.

PRICES INCLUDE: Transport as specified in each itinerary, accommodation in the hotels indicated in each case (or of similar classification) in rooms with private bathrooms, and taxes.


PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE (unless otherwise specified): Visa fees, airport charges, departure taxes, value added tax, museum tickets, national park tickets, local tourism taxes and, in general, any other personal expenses: communications, meals, tips, beverages, inscriptions to congresses, trade fairs and events.

Costs for extension of services at the request of the passengers or in cases of force majeure, or causes beyond the control of the organizer and, in general, of any concept that is not specifically described in the appropriate itinerary, will be charged to the passengers.



Hotel check-in and check-out times: check-in is between 12.00 pm and 4.00 pm, and check-out at 10.00 am of the day of departure, unless otherwise stated in the hotel policies.


As of January 2017, there is a new policy under General Resolution 3971 (RG 3971) regarding VAT tax exemption exclusively for accommodation including breakfast for non-resident tourists.

For this benefit to apply, consider the following:

  • FOREIGN passengers are considered those NOT residing in Argentina.
  • A copy of the passport of all passengers will be requested at the time of confirmation of reservation, for quotation and billing, as applicable. The following must appear on the copy of the passports: full name, nationality, country of residence and passport number.
  • Only the VAT (21%) corresponding to accommodation including breakfast will be exempted. The remaining services such as meals, transport services and activities will include 21% or 10.5% VAT, as applicable.
  • This benefit applies only to payments made through a credit card issued in a foreign country or bank transfer. No cash payments will be accepted.
  • This benefit is not applicable to NO-SHOW cases or cancellations, where 21% VAT will be applied.



  1. a) In case of cancellations affecting services already hired by GFT, refunds will be subject to the contractual terms under which the respective companies render services. In case refunds are made, GFT will have the right to withhold, as compensation, 10% of such refunds or a minimum of 50 USD according to the cancellation policy of each company rendering services.
  2. b) Passengers cancelling hired services –not included under c) below– whatever the cause may be̶, will be subject to the withholding policy applicable to the total value of the hired trip, depending on the cancellation policy of each service provider.
  3. c) Packages in non-regular/charter/special flights: In case of cancellation by the passenger, whatever the reason, he/she will lose all payments already made and receive refund only for the proportion of the amount corresponding to ground services (accommodation, board arrangements, excursions) as determined by the organizer, according to the modality of each service provider.
  4. d) Cancellations must be in writing. No verbal communications will be accepted.



No amounts will be refunded for any services voluntarily not used by the traveler.

If appropriate, refund requests will be made, in all cases, through GFT. Claims and/or refund requests must be made within 15 days of completion of travel services.



Travel documents and visas are strictly personal. It is the traveler’s exclusive responsibility to have all documents and visas in good conditions and valid. The organizer will not be responsible for any inconveniences the passengers may have due to not complying with any such requirements.

Should a passenger be unable to travel due to these reasons, he/she will lose all of the hired services and will have no right to claim.

Airlines stipulate their specific conditions for some destinations. Therefore, their websites should be checked before starting the trip.



GFT reserves the right to change any itinerary or to offer alternative accommodation without prior notice, should it be necessary as a result of force majeure.



GFT, as an intermediary, reserves the irrevocable right, in its own judgment, to dismiss from the tour any passenger who, due to his/her health status, behavior, conduct, etc., may give trouble to other travelers or disturb the smooth conduct of the group travel. The passenger will be entitled to refund for the unused days of the tour, without any other compensation, and cancellation costs that may arise will be at the passenger’s expense.



GARCÍA FERNÁNDEZ TURISMO (Tourism and Travel Agency, Reg. 6765) explicitly states that it acts solely as an intermediary between the travelers and the entities or persons providing the services indicated in the itineraries, passenger transportation companies, hotels, restaurants, etc. Therefore, it does not assume any responsibility for, including but not limited to, damages, injuries, accidents, delays or irregularities that may occur during the provision of the services to the persons purchasing its services, as well as any loss of baggage or any other belongings, as a result of severe weather, natural disasters, governmental decisions, and any other events that may occur beyond its control. In case of accidents when traveling in short- or long-distance buses, the passenger will be expressly submitted to the laws and regulations of the country where the bus is registered. The passenger transportation companies included in this program expressly state that they will not be liable for any act, omission or accident occurring to the passengers or their baggage and belongings, while passengers are not aboard their airplanes and/or means of transport. The ticket will constitute the only agreement between the airline company and the purchaser of the tour and/or passenger.


Regular or Charter Flights: Since regular/charter flights and special flights are contracted from different commercial airlines, it should be taken into account that both departure and arrival times are tentative. These may be modified by such airlines according to availability of aircrafts and time frequencies they have in every particular circumstance. In view of all the above, GFT, will not be responsible for any possible changes in timetables or other situations caused by third parties.



Additional expenses arising from this kind of situations will be the responsibility of the interested party, and GFT will not be liable for any claims.



As a user of the service website of GARCÍA FERNÁNDEZ TURISMO,, you should know that your right to personal data protection is recognized and respected, as well as your right to information, updating, suppression and/or rectification and to the confidentiality of your data.

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For the interpretation, application or claim of controversies, both the contractors and GFT raise before the court of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, with express waiver to any other jurisdiction that may apply.


IMPORTANT: Any further queries about these General Terms and Conditions may be sent to the following e-mail address: